Chambre Afloat cruise - 6 nights

€8,990 for up to 6 people

Enjoy the tranquility of life on the water and go on a voyage of discovery with a new place to explore every day. 

This cruise is ideal for active travellers who enjoy exploring independently.  Unlike our all-inclusive cruises 


Cruise through the heart of Champagne

Our six night cruise route travels between our home port of Sillery (12km from Reims) and Chateau Thierry, along both the historic canal and the Marne river which lazily winds it’s way through a valley covered in vineyards.

During your week long cruise the barge will travel around 75km (50 miles), giving you time to truly connect and exploring both highlights and hidden places, far from the tourist crowds.

Most evenings we are moored in a village or town, but on two evenings we are in the middle of the countryside, surrounded just by the sounds of nature. 

The ultimate in slow travel

Each morning we’ll cruise for around 3-5 hours through both open countryside and the heart of historic villages.  Travelling at around 3 miles per hour (6km/h), Serenity is in no hurry giving you the opportunity to truly get away from it all and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

While we are cruising, you can relax on deck and soak in the scenery, lose yourself in a book, take a nap in the sunshine or, if you want, ‘join the crew’ and help Graeme with the ropes. You can even soak in the jacuzzi with a glass of something as you watch the champagne countryside sliding past.

Here you really feel like you’re part of the landscape, not just travelling past it.  Nature is all around you, fish swim below your bedroom window, herons swoop over the canal and high in the sky you might spot a buzzard circling above. 

With a tarmac towpath alongside, the canal is perfect for walking or cycling and the short distances between the locks mean it’s never long before you can hop back on the barge.

Explore Champagne at your pace

Once the barge is tied up you have the rest of the afternoon to explore.  And if wading through all the options and online reviews to choose what to do seems overwhelming – that’s where our Cruise Concierge service comes in.

We’ve spent the last 5+ years exploring Champagne and discovering amazing visits and experiences which showcase the best of this region’s history, culture, wine and landscapes.   

Each cruise itinerary includes our best recommendations for things to do at each of our stops.  So whether you fancy a pretty village stroll, a tasting at a family owned champagne house, exploring the vineyards or seeing the grandeur of cellars at a world renowned champagne brand, we’ve got you covered. 

Included in each description you’ll find all the details of any costs and how to get there – meaning you are in complete control of your holiday budget.  Just let us know in advance what you’d like to do and we can handle any reservations/organistation.

We strongly recommend you consider taking up our bike hire option (or bringing your own bikes) as you’ll be able to easily explore a little further afield – and with the electric bike option it’s easy going too!  

See itinerary for Eastbound cruises: Chateau Thierry to Sillery

See itinerary for Westbound cruises: Sillery to Chateau Thierry

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This cruise is half-board, meaning that breakfast and lunch aboard are included in your cruise price.  

Before you’re up the crew will have already been to the bakery to buy a selection of fresh bread and pastries.  Also on the buffet breakfast are fresh fruit salad, yoghurts and cereal, all washed down with juices, tea and Nespresso coffee.

Lunch is served on the top deck, often whilst the barge is still cruising.  Typically served platter style, it’s a feast of cheese, charcuterie, pâtes and quiches all accompanied by tasty salads and fresh breads.  And if you still have room, there’s a light dessert to follow.

A choice of dinner options

As part of planning your itinerary we will 

On one evening, when we are in a remote location with no nearby restaurants, you’ll enjoy a BBQ dinner aboard, which is included in your cruise price.