A group of people sitting at a table in a vineyard enjoying a barge cruise in France.

Excursion: Champagne Le Gallais

We love visiting Champagne Le Gallais – sampling their wines on the terrace overlooking the vines and the river valley below is just bliss!

Charlotte Morgain Le Gallais creates her wines from 7 plots within the domaine that her family has owned for 5 generations. The focus here is on achieving fine, elegant champagnes through careful, sustainable viticulture. And Le Gallais is a Recoltant Manipulant (RM), meaning that every stage of the wine production is done on-site by Charlotte and her small team of 4 people.

Marine, who grew up in the nearby village of Oger, will take us on a walk through the their vineyards, explaining how they care for the grapes throughout the year. A stroll in the vineyard here is unique because the vines grow right up to the magnificent, turreted Chateau Bousault.

A group of people standing in a field near a castle and admiring the scenic beauty.

The chateau was originally built in 1843 for Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin-Clicquot, better known as the Widow Clicquot. She had a number of vineyards around this area and she used the chateau for entertaining guests of her champagne house. Today just a caretaker lives in the building, although a few of our guests have selflessly offered to come and house sit!

Two glasses of wine and a bottle of champagne on a table during a canal cruise in France.

On your visit you’ll get to sample three of the champagnes from their range, typically the Cuvee du Manoir, a blend of 45% Pinot Noir, 45% Pinot Meunier and 10% Chardonnay; the Cuvee des Cedres, which has no added sugar; and the Rose des Poetes. And if your feeling brave Marine will teach one of the group to open a champagne bottle using a sword, just like Napolean’s soldiers did.


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