A group of people posing in front of a statue during their barge cruise in France.

Tips for organising a charter cruise

It really is the more the merrier when it comes to barge cruising, but planning a group trip can feel daunting, so here are my top tips…

Plan ahead

We all lead busy lives and trying to co-ordinate multiple people’s diaries is never going to be easy. But planning ahead, can make things a lot simpler. Some of our guests book two years in advance, so even if we haven’t got an availability calendar online for your dates yet, get in touch and we will reserve it for you.

Think intercontinental

Going on holiday together can be a great way to catch up with family or friends who live on the other side of the planet. This way no-one has to play host and with everyone away from home and taking a break from the distractions of normal life, you get to actually spend quality time together. And since Paris is one of the biggest hub cities in Europe for flights, it’s super easy for everyone to get here.

Get everyone excited

There are loads of resources on our website that you can send to your prospective travel buddies, like our brochure or our Guide to Barge Cruising. Or have a look through some of the itinerary’s we’ve put together for other groups to whet your appetite. And if your recruitment drive is over successful don’t worry – we’ll just do a tandem cruise with another barge, meaning you can bring up to 12 people.

Make your barge cruise one part of a bigger trip

If you’re travelling for 10+ hours to get here the chances are you’ll want to spend a few weeks travelling. But don’t forget you don’t have to spend the whole trip together – lots of our charter groups meet up the night before the cruise in Paris and afterwards head off on separate travels.

Let us help

Let’s face it, organising other people often feels like herding cats (something I have a great deal of personal experience with!)  And planning a holiday should be fun!  With us creating a bespoke itinerary for your group, including excursions and dining options, choosing what to do becomes easy.

Each couple or person can pay their share of the cruise price individually and we’ll handle all the pre-trip communications with everyone. Plus your barge cruise is all-inclusive you don’t need to worry about a kitty or keeping track of who paid for what.


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